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Pat Marotta, MBA, CPA is a distinguished and experienced executive who has continuously shown his commitment to civic duty through volunteerism, non-profit support, public speaking, and his devotion to his faith.

A native of upstate New York, Pat has traveled the United States as part of his career as a professional consultant. Growing up, he frequently spent summers with his family in Naples, Italy. Pat has recently celebrated 25 years of marriage to his wife, Lisa. He and Lisa have two wonderful daughters, Mikayla and Vanessa.

As the Vice President of Client Experience Strategy for American National Insurance / Financial Services, Pat engages the leadership team to deliver enhanced value to clients that results in both top and bottom-line growth to the business. An MBA and experienced businessperson, he practices his knowledge that truly successful companies focus on their commitment to their customers and the value the company creates before everything else. He is committed to the company values of financial strength, integrity, respect, service, and teamwork.

American National is a nationwide company that operates in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The company includes subsidiaries that underwrite and issue policies for health, property, life, and casualty insurance. Additionally, the company offers annuities. It is ranked an A in both Standard and Poor’s and A.M. Best’s Best Companies ratings and has been honored to be included on Forbes “America’s Best Insurance/Financial Services Companies in 2022”.

Uriah Corporation Holdings is a real estate holding company created by Pat in 2001. As president and founder, Pat has negotiated, purchased, and directed the development of real estate holdings that have generated significant returns on investment.

Pat has previously held the positions:

Strategic Business Practice Officer - American National - 2013 - 2015

AVP Director of Strategic Corporate Audit and Consulting - American National - 2003 - 2012

Manager, Consultant Practice – KPMG International - 1996 - 2004

His professional accomplishments include:

At KPMG, the company was hired by Mayor Guliani to oversee the World Trade Center disaster clean-up. Pat was one of 3 managers assigned to run one of the largest consulting projects contracted by the firm. He was on-site a week after the tragedy. The firm saved New York City $1 billion.

While at KPMG, he consulted with over 50 Fortune 500 companies as well as large non-profits.

Pat was promoted to the Officer Group at American National at just 38 years of age.

Pat was an integral part of starting the Client Experience Strategy / Focus at American National. This focus has led to a dedicated team of 18 internal consultants.

Skan AI, an innovator in using computer vision and machine learning to uncover the end-to-end view of digital processes, featured Pat in a fireside chat on Data-Driven Automation.

CX Network, presented Pat and his team with the CX Elite Award in 2019 for having a Proactive Approach to Improving Experiences at American National. Pat was quoted on behalf of his team, “It always feels good to be recognized, especially by an organization that emphasizes the importance of delivering continual and consistent value to clients. It means a lot to our team.”

While he is an expert in many areas, Pat considers his main areas of expertise to be:


Strategy and Execution

Operational Consulting

Holding Company Management and Leadership

Pat’s education and licenses:

Union College, MBA, 1994 - 1996

State University of New York at Albany, BA

In 1999, Pat received the licensure of Certified Public Account from the New York Department of State.

As an accomplished public speaker, Pat has delivered keynote addresses that have included many diverse topics. Leadership is a common topic for which Pat is asked to speak. He speaks often about life topics such as being purpose-driven and achieving success. As an executive and innovator, he is often asked to share his insights on business management and share his knowledge of creating excellence in customer experience that delivers tangible business results. Frequently, Pat speaks on non-profit topics including non-profit management. Finally, Pat has been prolific in his faith-based speaking engagements as a way to share his faith and experiences with fellow church members. It is through his faith-based speaking that he helps to both serve and reaffirm the faith of others.

An ardent supporter of his community and charitable causes, Pat is both a volunteer and donor to many groups. In his local community, he dedicates himself to outreach to help support the less fortunate. Additionally, Pat is a passionate sponsor of children through World Vision.

Pat is a member of Grace Fellowship Church. He serves the 3,000 member congregation as a board member/elder (as of 2021), financial supporter, and frequent speaker. Grace Fellowship features his keynotes on its YouTube channel. His speaking topics have included:

Cost of Discipleship

Living on Purpose

Pursue the Prize

Courage from Grace

He Calls Us to Commitment

Pat has many interests and hobbies. Most important among them is time spent with family and friends and family vacations. Those vacations often include the beaches and mountains where he absorbs the beauty of creation. He is an avid reader, engrossing himself in books that have expanded his knowledge and fostered continual growth. One of his favorite things is taking his “awesome cockapoos” for walks.

Pat Marotta can be contacted through his LinkedIn profile or email: [email protected]"


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